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Friday, November 16, 2012

Twists & Turns

Recently my life has truly been a rollercoaster. I mean most sane people would be hanging on for dear life at this point, but I know that all I can do is continue to pray for endurance and do my part. God has really been showing me that he is in control of everything in my life, from me losing my job, things happening in my personal life, to getting into grad school. Whether positive or negative everything is all in His hands. Our job is to prepare and endure the storm. Whatever the situation is there is always a lesson to be learned, and that lesson may not always come quickly. Sometimes those lessons are hard and uncomfortable for us, but that's what makes us remember when our egos get big again and think we are in control! He knows the way and he knows what's best. My best advice for anyone going thru these twists and turns is to pray for discernment and revelation. Pray to be able to discern the good form bad in your life, God gives us free will and he wants to take care of us but we have to follow his ways and his path in order to receive those blessings. Pray for revelation if you are unsure or uncertain about something, he will show you! But I always say and have to remind myself that you have to be ready to see it. If you are not ready to see what He is showing you then it won't benefit you, believe what He is showing you and don’t second guess it. I recently created a vision board with all of my goals and photos of accomplishments that I want to achieve on it. In the middle I wrote, "God" because I want to keep him at the center of my life. Under that I made a daily affirmation for myself, I wrote: "I am_______" every day I change what I want to be that day (you are what you think). So some days I put; I am worthy, etc. It helps me keep my inner thoughts and goals in front of me. I say all this to say that life is full of twists and turns some will be bad and others wonderful. We can’t choose those things. What we can choose is how we deal with them and who/what we turn to in those times. Stay blessed. 

"Some people feel the rain, others get wet." - Anais Nin

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